Tincture of Benzoin

Posted by: Ryan 1 year, 5 months ago
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This is a really great and effective product - and you probably haven’t ever heard of it!  It’s not’s Tincture of Benzoin, and it helps keep bandages (including bandaids) stay stuck on skin.

They often come in packs of small vials. You break them sorta like a glow stick (there’s a vial within a vial) and apply it to skin in a thin layer using a built-in gauze pad.  Then, let it sit for a minute or so until it’s somewhat dry and tacky. Lastly, put on the bandage.

The bandage will stay stuck much better than normal. It will endure getting wet better than normal too.  This is especially useful for cuts in tricky places with a lot of movement, like hands, or where there’s rubbing, like the heel of your foot.  When the time comes, the bandage can be peeled off without too much difficulty.

I couldn’t find this at CVS or Walgreens, but I eventually found it at REI.  It’s probably also available online. 


Jodi Mones 1 year, 5 months ago

I saw that used on Vincent at the doctor's once. They put some sort of salve on his arm to numb it and then the bandaid. I didn't know what it was called though.


Ryan Mones 1 year, 5 months ago

Interesting. But I should note, the stuff I show in this post doesn't numb the pain - it only keeps the bandaid stuck to the skin.


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