Smoke this Ribfest

Posted by: Ryan 4 years, 3 months ago
Categories: Food & Drink
We met Sam and Natasha in Cambridge today for the 'Smoke This Ribfest.' It was a BBQ rib festival. We had a great time and ate a bunch of ribs. At the end we could vote for the best rib. I'm not sure what everyone voted for, but it sounded like the ribs made by the taco shop 'Lone Star' were the general favorite of our gang.
Now you might be wondering why I posted a picture of Holy Smokes - the BBQ joint from Turners Falls. The main reason is because I failed to take a picture of the festival in Cambridge. But it's also because Sam and I were talking about Holy Smokes, and he said that name was a triple pun. 'Holy' because it was an old church, 'Smokes' because they made BBQ, and 'Holy Smokes' because that's what someone might have said when it burned down in 2007.


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