Skiing in Colorado With The Great Club

Posted by: Pete 10 months, 2 weeks ago

We had a great time skiing in Colorado from Feb. 28 to Mar. 4.  Our first day (Wednesday) we skied at Keystone.  The weather was beautiful, around 30 degrees with clear blue skies.  Views of the Rocky Mountains were amazing everywhere you looked.  Our second day (Thursday) we skied Copper Mountain.  Temperatures were around 25 degrees and cloudy with some snow flurries. The weather was changing, but the ski conditions were wonderful.  Packed power everywhere.  On Friday we skied Breckenridge.  It snowed the night before and 8 inches of medium weight power coated the mountain.  I loved the conditions, but some found it difficult to ski in the fresh snow. It snowed the entire day and temperatures remained in the high 20’s. After skiing we walked to town and enjoyed craft beers and dinner at Breckenridge Brewery.  Downtown Breckenridge is a very cute town lined with shops, bars and restaurants.  The snow continued to fall that night.  The next day we relaxed at our ski house.  The ski house was called “Cozy Cabin”.  The house was much more than just a cabin.  It was a huge log cabin with an open concept floor plan and exposed beams.  We had 8 people in our group, but this place could fit over 15 comfortably.  Later that afternoon we headed to Frisco.  This is another cute ski town with high mountains that loomed in the background.  We shopped and visited Highside Brewery and Outer Range Brewery.  Afterward’s we stopped at Broken Compass Brewery near our house.  The snow continued to fall making our drive up the steep mountain to our house was scary. Our front wheel drive minivan struggled to gain traction.  One tight left turn proved to be difficult as I put the van into a sideway slide and gunned the gas.  We sideswiped a snow bank, but kept momentum to make it back home. We had some good laughs.  Luckily, no damage to the minivan. That evening we had our Great Club Awards Ceremony hosted by Jimmy Gregg.  Special awards were presented mocking our individual skiing adventures .  I captured some of these in drawings below.  The snow continued to fall and fall. The next day (Sunday) Brian and Sharon had to head back to the Denver Airport at 6am.  The snow was so deep that Brian had to use the snowblower to clear a path in the driveway.  Their drive was also scary with whiteout conditions. Later that day there was an avalanche on Rte 70 that shut down the highway for a few hours.  We stayed in the house that entire day because we were snowed in.  We tried to get Uber and Lyft to take us to downtown Breckenridge, but no driver wanted to venture up the mountain to get us. By the time the snow stopped late Sunday night 40 inches fell in the area.  Monday we were able to make it out and visit downtown Breckenridge for some shopping and cocktails.  We all had a fun time and can’t wait for our next ski adventure. Long live The Great Club! Our moto: “Ski Hard, Ski Fast, Ski Out of Control”  


See the gallery here!


Ryan Mones 10 months, 1 week ago

It sounds like this had all of the makings of a great trip. I am glad the award drawings made it onto the site; now they can be preserved online for all time. Thanks for sharing.


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