Dave’s still got it, 2018 edition

Posted by: Ryan 3 years, 7 months ago
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We saw Dave Matthews Band with some friends on Friday night. It was an eventful night - but I’ll start with the music...

Dave Matthews Band is a force of nature. The depth of their catalogue is insane.  If you compare the set list we heard to the previous set list of this tour, there is only ONE song in common.  The band has played 68 different songs so far this tour, and it’s not even half way over.  Judging from prior tours, they will probably end up playing around 100 unique songs. This is far from typical for most bands.  Consider the complexity of their songs too - these songs have your normal verses and choruses, but they also have tight jam sessions where the band is clearly improvising despite always being on the same page.

After the music was over, our party left the venue and decided to get some sausage subs in the parking lot. I ran ahead to get the car and wait in traffic. Long story short, I tripped over a traffic cone and dislocated my shoulder. Now, I’ve never claimed to be an American Ninja Warrior...but this was still embarrassing.  Jess ended up bringing me to the ER and a group of 3 or 4 doctors pushed and twisted my arm until it finally slid back into place.

I need to thank our friends, Pat, Casey, and Tyler for tolerating my ER trip and staying out until 4:30 am.  Jess for playing the role of Ambulance (Prius) driver and general caregiver.  Also, our friend Abby for watching Violet much longer than she signed up for. Lastly, I should thank the two strangers, Kiersten and Sam, who lent me a hand after I fell and tried (hilariously) to gently ease my shoulder back into its place (it didn’t work).  They probably won’t ever see this, but they were super nice people.

I will end this post with a vintage video of a young Dave Matthews playing a concert at Blockbuster in 1994.


Jodi Mones 3 years, 6 months ago

I signed on to Comet with the idea I would quickly check out what is new and get on with my morning. Well, almost an hour later I am still here. You have some good pictures and videos, love the old Dave at Blockbuster! It is a nice way for me to share some of your down time which I miss since you moved out to eastern Mass. Keep sharing Ryan.


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