Dan Auerbach @ The House of Blues

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On Sunday night, I went to a Dan Auerbach concert at The House of Blues with Jessica and my parents.  Dan Auerbach is a singer and songwriter; he’s best known for being the singer of The Black Keys and The Arcs.

This concert was unique. First of all, Dan Auerbach is a good, but unusual frontman. His stage presence is not boisterous or high-energy; instead he exudes confidence and humility. His band-mates included several old-timers who mirrored his cool and confident on-stage demeanor.  They put on a very tight and well-rehearsed performance.  It sounded great!

For the set-list, Auerbach stuck to cuts from his solo albums, but supplemented them with tracks from guest singers. His first guest singer was a female crooner whose name eludes me. While her vocals were good, her overall performance was sadly lacking any memorable qualities. It didn’t help that the sound mixing heavily favored the guitars while she was performing.

The second guest singer, Robert Finley, was a fascinating entertainer.  Finley is a blind R&B singer from Louisiana. Despite being 64 years old, he’s an up-and-coming star who’s finally finding an audience.  He has a booming voice and a soulful, energetic stage presence.  Truly a captivating character!

My parents have been #DanFans ever since we all saw The Arcs at Newport two years ago. It was great to see this band, and I’d recommend seeing Auerbach whenever he’s performing...regardless of what band he’s fronting.


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