Cinco Paus

Posted by: Ryan 2 years, 5 months ago
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While moving yesterday, I gave my keys to Jess so she could open doors while I used a hand truck. She left them for me on the hook - but I forgot to grab them before leaving the apartment with Violet later that night. Jess had her own set of keys - but she was at dinner with friends about 45 minutes away.

End result, violet and I had to hang out in our lobby for a while.  I had plans to do various moving and cleaning things, but I was essentially forced to just sit down and do nothing.

I ended up downloading and fiddling around with a new iPhone game by a clever developer named Michael Brough.  He makes puzzle games that appear very simple at first, but are actually very deep with complicated mechanics and interactions. They require a lot of deep thinking and strategy. They’re perfect for airplanes and situations where you’re locked out of your apartment!

This game is called Cinco Paus. All of the in-game instructions are written in Portuguese, because a part of the game is figuring everything out. In each play-through you control a little wizard who has five randomly generated wands. You don’t know what each wand does - so you need to use them to figure it out as you move around a five-by-five grid and slay monsters.  The game seems like nonsense at first, and learning how to play is the first puzzle. After you get a handle on that, the actual gameplay is quite a good puzzle too. 


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