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Posted by: Ryan 3 years, 8 months ago
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So I registered this lovely domain name about one year ago. I know because I just got billed to renew it. My first ever post was on February 15, 2016. As you might expect, a ".cool" domain name isn't very expensive. If ".com" is a luxurious beach-side property, ".cool" is an empty lot next door to a sewage treatment facility.
So, the blog has a bad name. Big deal. I don't think the name of a blog is important. It's the content that matters. And when it comes to content...this site is also quite bad.
For instance, the last post was 6 days ago - and my new year resolution was to post once a day - and it's only February - and the post wasn't even real. Yes, I admit it, some of those things I said about the glulam were stretching the truth.
Anyways, we're going to keep it casual here at Let's not get caught up in the negatives. After all, this is supposed to be a cool comet, not an up-tight neurotic comet that is constantly blogging.
For today, please enjoy this image I downloaded from google. It's the first image that came up when I searched for the words "cool comet". I added the sunglasses myself to increase its coolness.
In celebration of the blog's one year anniversary, I am going to put sunglasses on everything and submit it to the blog. Feel free to join in on the festivities.


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